Why Therapy?

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Finding a good therapist is crucial to helping you through turbulent times in life. When looking for a therapist you should interview them to be sure they are a good fit. It is important to find a caring, patient, yet direct partner to help you sort out what the root of the problem is, how best to address what needs to be handled and let go of the things in life you can not change.

Once you find a good therapist you will find it much easier to explore the problems you are experiencing and decide what to do about them. This often is the hardest part for people who are depressed, distraught or confused by life events.

Work with me to figure out why you are having relationship problems, conflict at work, routinely depressed or just plain tired and worn out by the same nagging patterns that return to your life over and over again.

Together we will review your needs for support and develop a plan to help you decide where you want to be.

The hardest step may be placing the call to ask for help. Make the decision today to seek help and find out how important it can be to have a partner while you problem solve and plan for life.